Second place for the solution developed by the Promity Team as a pilot of the GovTech Polska program.

Although it was not possible to win the gold this time, the second place on the podium is still a great success (96 participants entered the competition), but at the same time an incentive for further, exerted work. In March 2018, the Ministry of Finance settled the MinFinTech competition, organized by the resort for the second time. This year’s edition concerned the development of an application to protect Polish borders using RTG devices.

The main task of the application was to automatically identify objects in photos, taken by x-ray devices, and to distinguish everyday objects from those that can be dangerous or prohibited.

We have developed the application on the basis of our experience in the field of computer vision using artificial intelligence techniques. Our portfolio already includes RFace face recognition system, and we are currently working on an intelligent Computer Vision / Business Intelligence solution, designed for the retail sector to assess emotions and consumer behavior. The common denominator of all these solutions is the use of machine learning and deep learning (ML, DL) algorithms.

Everyone interested in using ML / DL techniques to improve business is encouraged to contact our experts directly.