Job description:

Promity is currently building a Data Science and Computer Vision team, which will be specialized in cognitive solutions (especially Deep Learning) and supporting analytical jobs with machine learning techniques.

The team will be responsible for:

* Data preparation and Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA),

* Features extraction, selection and creation.

* Creating and evaluating models,

* Training neural networks (CNN, LSTM, etc.), selecting appropriate architectures and implementing own solutions if necessary,

* Designing and implementing image processing, image recognition and image quality enhancement algorithms (videos and pictures),

* Designing and implementing face detection, face recognition, face alignment and face-based information retrieval algorithms,

* Performing statistical tests,

* Results visualization.

We offer:

  • competitive and fair salary tailored to your skills and experience,

  • any form of employment,

  • the ability to create scientific publications based on the work we do,

  • an office with great access to the city center (Metro Służew),

  • flexible working hours,

  • continuous improvement of professional qualifications,

  • the opportunity to be the Concept Maker of the solution.



You must have:

* Good knowledge of at least one of the following languages: Python, R or Matlab (Octave),

* Good knowledge of algorithms and data structures,

* Completed courses on: Machine Learning, computer vision or data visualization.

It would be nice if you had:

* Very good practical knowledge of Data Science libraries / packages,

* Very good practical knowledge of the OpenCV library,

* Experience in designing machine learning algorithms

* Experience in image processing, image recognition and image quality enhancement,

* Experience in natural language processing and signal processing,

* Hands-on deep learning knowledge – completed projects based on one of the following frameworks: Theano, TensorFlow, Torch, PyTorch, caffe, mxnet and Keras,

* Worked on projects based on Gaussian processes, probabilistic graphical models or other advanced machine learning techniques,

* Experience in computer stereo vision, 3D reconstruction, SLAM etc. supported by scientific publications or completed and implemented open source projects,

* Experience in Large Scale Machine Learning, e.g. SparkML,

* Proven experience at a similar position.