Data Services

Promity Data Services provide traditional Business Intelligence (ETL, data warehousing, analytics and reporting) and Big Data solutions that use the Machine Learning algorithms.


We provide dedicated applications for business, i.e. sales and marketing solutions, financial calculation and analysis, compliance, and IoT and medical solutions.

We are currently working on analyzing the unstructured data using the Machine Learning algorithms (in particular Deep Learning). We have developed a face recognition solution – RFace.


We support enterprises with making significant organizational changes, including cost optimization focusing primarily on IT teams, portfolio management, suppliers management, skill and technology development especially in Enterprise Architecture, Data Governance, Agile and DevOps.


We focus on people not on binding corporate rules, we appreciate that everyone is different, works applying various patterns and has different expectations.

We respect our leisure time and care about the right balance between work life and personal life. We are committed to provide our employees with an environment of freedom, acceptance and creativity. If you have the skills we seek and respect our values you are welcome in our team.

For students and people who have less work experience we can offer a part-time job while giving the opportunity to gain experience with the best IT and software specialists in Poland.